Welcome to the World of Cold Atom Physics Lab

We are an experimental research group in the Department of Physics, Chonnam National University. Our group is divided by two research parts; First, magneto-optical trap system to investigate nonlinear, nonequilibrium, and collective dynamics. Second, the manipulation of neutral atoms as quantum qubit in optical lattices to study fundamental quantum mechanics and to develop the future quantum technology. The cold atoms trapped by atom-photon interactions are highly controllable and clean systems, presenting a new experimental field for quantum computing, quauntum simulators, quantum information science, and so on. Our goal is to exploit and interpret various cold atom systems to search for new states of matter and to address challenging problems in future quantum technology.

Position Opening

If you are interested in joining us, please do not hesitate to contact us (cnuapi@jnu.ac.kr).

Bachelor and Master Thesis projects:

Our group offers the possibility to work in one of the most prominent fields of physics. The teams consist of small, highly motivated and trained personnel in which you are fully involved from the very first day. Besides fundamental physical principles we teach you how to build, operate and improve such experimental setups. You can find possible topics below. Please contact us for more details.

Master Projects

1. Magneto-optical trap of Rb atoms (2019)

2. Miniaturized Modulation Transfer Spectroscopy Setup (2019)

3. Analog/Digital Controller System Setup (2019~2020)

4. Novel Polarization Stabilization of Polarization Maintaining Fiber (2019)

5. Nonlinear and collective dynamics of MOT (2020~)

Bachelor Projects

1. Laser spectroscopy

2. Magneto-optical trap

3. Device Communication with Python program